How We Work?

We are the best Fencing Contractors in Australia, offering the quickest easiest Fencing Quote solution in the market, using our advanced quoting software we will have a quote to you within hours of initial contact.

Fencing Contractors

Step 1: Get a Fencing Quote Online

We are a fence company, that offers a no obligation FREE online fencing quote, we will have trained estimators discuss options with you. Our Estimators are familiar with all fencing regulations in Australia and are here to assist you in getting a fencing quote to you within hours of contact

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Step 2: Contact Your Neighbours

Take our fencing quote to your neighbour, talk with them and ask them if they would like to proceed. If for some reason you do not know who your neighbours are, you will need to apply at your local council for there details. In some instances you may need to issue your neighbour with a Notice to Fence, but first, send your neighbour a hand written note along with our quote (registered post), make sure you try to attempt to resolve any issues between yourselves first. You can find a Notice To Fence form on our website at the bottom of the ‘Fencing Regulations’ page.

Step 3: Accept our Quote

Once you have decided to proceed with our fencing quotes, simply click ‘accept quote’ on our quote form, add in your neighbours details within the box supplied and send it back to us. No longer do you need to sign quotes and email them back unlike most Fencing Contractors on Australia, this is all completed online

Step 4: Site Visit

One of our trusted fencers will then contact you to pop out and have a look at your site, they will then give you a start date of when your new fence will be installed – As Easy As That!!

Step 5: Invoicing & Payment

Once you have a start date booked, our trusted fencer will then issue you and your neighbours with an invoice, all of our fencers ask for a 50% deposit prior to works starting, then the balance once the fence is completed.

Step 6: Installation

Our Trusted fencer will then turn up and build your fence, generally speaking this will take 2-3 days depending on how many meters along with access to your property, A simple no fuss approach to getting a fence built, contact us today to organize to have your fence built through us.

Fencing Quotes Online in Minutes

Please Answer The Below Questions

1. What is the address you would like the new fence?

2. What side/s is the fence (when looking at your property from the street)?

3. What style of fence were you looking for?

4. Feel free to attach any site plans you might have also